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10 Unique Animals

Bright Side has prepared for you a selection of ten strange animals that you have probably never heard of, let alone, ever met. And at the end, you'll find a bonus that will blow your mind. 01. Venezuelan poodle moth. This moth was only discovered in 2009, and doesn't it look like a furry poodle? Mammals need hairs to keep their body heat. But insects are cold-blooded and even if the poodle moth may look as if it lives in Antarctica with all this fur, it in fact comes from Venezuela, a tropical country. Its hairs don't serve for heating. Most insects have hairs for protection, or smelling and sensing the environment. Perhaps it's true about the poodle moth, as well. But as it is a very new discovery, not much is known about this insect yet. So, is it cuddly? We can only guess, but the chances are high that it's not as cuddly as you wish it were. And here's our incredible bonus - cloud antelope. This species lives in the clouds, that's why such a name.

Awesome Facts About India

when giant lizards roamed the Earthand Netflix wasn’t around, the Asian continent got crashed into by an unexpected visitorthat ended up being a life-long neighbor. Uh, come again? Hey, I’m talking about India and its fascinatinghistory since its days as a massive piece of land floating in the ocean! Counting down from… 1. Humble Island BeginningsIndia wasn’t always a “subcontinent.” In the era of dinosaurs, over 100 millionyears ago, it was actually an island! It had broken off from a supercontinent andslowly but steadily traveled north, arriving to its present-day location in just about50 million years. The dinosaurs had already gone extinct bythen, though, so they didn’t get to see what happened next. The giant Indian Island collided with Asiain a colossal continental boom. The impact was so hard, in fact, that theHimalayas were formed almost in an instant! Yep, that’s how the youngest mountain chainin the world appeared! Actually, India, now a subcontinent, is stillslowly press

Rainforest Tropical !Secrets of Tropical Rainforest

 Imagine a place with no seasons. Where every day is like the last. A place of rain, constant heat, high humidity. Some might call such a place a hell, whilefor others, it might be paradise. It is a place on earth with more species ofplants and animals than anywhere else. Because of the oxygen generated by its millionsof trees, it has been dubbed the lungs of the world. Welcome to the Tropical Rainforest. We begin our journey through Earth’s climatezones here, because here is the very centre of the Earth, the equator. And it is no accident that such a hot andwet climate exists on the equator, because it is here that the sun is strongest, strikingthe earth directly at 90 degrees. And as it does so, it causes the hot air torise, pulling in moisture from the surrounding seas. As this humid air rises up into the high atmosphere,it cools. But cool air cannot hold onto moisture likewarm air can, and so that moisture precipitates out into vast, towering thunder clouds, whichthen finally re

Mysteries Of The Amazon!

From spiders the size of a dog, to ancientmythical cities, here are the top 10 mysteries of the Amazon…. 10. Giant SpidersThe Amazon is known for its incredible ecological diversity, but there are stories of mysteriousanimals and gathering evidence has proved to be somewhat elusive. One of the scariest of these stories are thenumerous accounts of giant spiders. I’m not simply talking about the size ofyour hand, or the size of a cat, but much, much bigger. Stories of arachnids the size of dogs, with6 foot leg spans and potent venom are common in the amazon. The local communities believe they exist invast subterranean networks, and use trap doors to access the forest floor. A number of expeditions have searched theregion for evidence of such beasts, and despite villagers telling of how children have beentaken by them in the dead of night, no proof has ever been found. There sure have been some massive spidersfound, though, like the South American Goliath Tarantula which is about the

Amazon-The Most DEADLIEST Creatures

 The Amazon rainforest is considered one ofthe harshest environments in the world, and not just because of the terrain. Here are 8 of the deadliest animals in theAmazon.  8. Green AnacondaHearing the word “anaconda,” the first thing that comes to mind might be a cheesy90’s horror film, but despite how fake the films seem, the green anaconda is a trulydeadly creature. Although slower on land, the green anacondais agile and menacing in the water. So it only makes sense that it makes its homein the swamps, marshes, and streams of the Amazon. With an overwhelming length between 20 and30 feet and weighing between 200 and 500 pounds, it’s not surprising that the green anacondais not only the longest, but the heaviest snake in the world. Like alligators, their eyes and nostrils arelocated on the top of their head, allowing them to spot and stalk prey while remainingalmost entirely hidden underwater. Plus, with their green color accompanied withblack and yellow spots, they are naturally ca

Most Evil King

 Many people desire to be remembered by history,but these rulers are remembered for the wrong reasons.  today we’recounting down our picks for the Top 10 Evil Kings in History. For this list, the individuals do not necessarilyhave to have held the title of “King” as we’re including anything equivalent inpower. Reigning from 1199 to 1216, King John is thoughtby many historians to be the worst monarch in Britain’s history. And considering how long their history is,that’s saying something. For starters, he betrayed his own brother,who was off fighting in the Crusades at the time, by attempting to seize power while hewas gone. Eventually he did become King, and to preventany potential uprising, it’s believed he had his own nephew Arthur murdered. John further alienated the English noblesby losing all of Normandy to France and exiled those he felt suspicious of. To top it off, he frequently forced himself on their wives and immediately broke the agreementof the Magna Carta, beginning t

The Great Warrior ! a great warrior ! the great warrior of all time ! the great warrior of world !

The Great Warrior  

The King of Chittorgarh ! Maharana Pratap !

  Maharana Pratap hello guys and welcome to another edition of the defenders of India series today's  is going to be about MaharanaPratap.   Maharana Pratap was a ruler of Mewar of the Sisodia clan ofRajputs and he was born to Maharana Uday Singh the second and Jaiwanta Bai. Maharana Pratap iswidely regarded as a great hero and one of India's most famous freedom fightersand he's regarded as a freedom fighter is because he spent his entire lifefighting alone and fighting an uphill battle where all the kingdoms and allthe kings around him were capitulating and were submitting and surrendering tothe Mughal Empire he was the only one that kept fighting in 1567 when PrincePratap Singh was only 27 the capital of Mewar, Chittor, was surrounded by theMughal forces of Emperor Akbar Maharana Uday Singh decided to leave CHittor andmove his family to Gogunda rather than surrender to the Mughals after the deathof Maharana Uday Singh Rani Dheer Bai wanted her son Jagmal tosucceed him but

અદભુત,અકલ્પનિય શ્રી સ્તંભેશ્વર મહાદેવ !કાવી કંબોઇ!

શ્રી સ્તંભેશ્વર મહાદેવનું મંદિર ગુજરાતના જંબુસર માં વડોદરા શહેરથી ૪૦ કિલોમીટર દૂર કંબોઇ ગામે આવેલું છે. આ મંદિરની વિશિષ્ટતા એ છે કે તે દરરોજ સવારે અને સાંજે એક દિવસમાં બે વખત પાણી માં લિન થય જાય છે. એવું લાગે છે કે ત્યાં કોઈ મંદિર નથી એટલે કે અદૃશ્ય થઈ જાય છે. જયારે ત્યાં થી પાણી ઓછું થાય, તો તેજ જગ્યાએ મંદિર ને  જોઇ શકાય છે.દુનિયાભર ના પર્યટકો મંદિરનો ભવ્ય નજારો જોવા માટે આવે છે. આ મંદિરની શોધ લગભગ ૨૦૦ વર્ષ પહેલાં થઈ હતી. એવું કહેવામાં આવે છે કે શિવના પુત્ર ભગવાન કાર્તિકેયએ આ મંદિર બનાવ્યું હતું. આ મંદિરમાં શિવલિંગ લગભગ ૪ફુટ ઊંચું અને ૨ફૂટ વ્યાસનું છે.  હિન્દુ ધર્મગ્રંથસ્કંદ પુરાણમાં મંદિરનો ઉલ્લેખ છે સ્કંદપુરાણ મુજબ તાડકાસુર નામના રાક્ષસે કઠોર તપસ્યા કરી અને શિવજીને પ્રસન્ન કર્યા અને શિવજી પાસે થઈ વરદાન માંગ્યું કે કોઈ તે ને મારી ના શકે. શિવજીએ કહ્યું કે આ અશક્ય છે. ત્યારે તાડકાસુર નામના રાક્ષસે વરદાન માંગ્યું કે  માત્ર શિવનો પુત્ર જ તેને મારી શકે છે.  અને એ પણ  માત્ર ૬ દિવસ ની આયું નો  ભગવાન શિવએ વરદાન આપી દીધું, પરંતુ તે વરદાન મળતાંની સાથે જ તાડકાસૂરે ત્રને લોક માં આંતક મચાવ્યો. ભગ

kavi kamboi history ! kavi kamboi stambheshwar

Is the tallest statue in the world

statue of unity is world's tallest The Statue of Unity is the tallest statue in the world at 182 meters. statue of unity 182 metre The Statue of Unity has cost Rs 2,989 crore,18,500 metric tons of steel, 1,700 metric tons of bronze and 70,000 metric tons of cement have been used to build the Statue of Unity. The Statue of Unity has been erected in the memory of Shri Sardar Patel, the Iron Man of India. The world's tallest statue has been unveiled at Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujarat. The idea of ​​creating a statue of unity was conceived by the Prime Minister of India when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. narendra modi statue of unity                                       Statue of Unity Spring Temple Buddha in China 54 meters And 89 meters higher than the Statue of Liberty in New York. In the Statue of Unity, you can see a beautiful view of Sardar Sarovar Dam from a height of 135 meters. iron man of india sardar vallabhbhai patel                  

History About Pandemic

                                                  History About Pandemic pandemic history Pandemic The world today is suffering from an Pandemic called Covid-19 , we will learn about another epidemic that has occurred in the past. 1.Bubonic plague(The Black Death) :  The  bubonic plague is also called black death. plague                                      The epidemic began in Europe in the year 1348. At that time, 25 million people died from the Bubonic Plague. The disease was caused by a bacterium called  Yersinia Pestis. Which was spread by rats and fleas. The Bubonic Plague then spread in Year 1720 and this was the final outbreak of Laugue. Which resulted in the death of 1 lakh people. The epidemic ended with the implementation of the famous quarantine principle. The Bubonic Plague vaccine was invented in 1897. 2.Cholera :   The first outbreak of the epidemic took place in the Bengal region of India between 1817 and 1824. It spr

The famous mountain range of india

The Himalayan mountain range is known all over the world but there are other mountain ranges in India as well. Today you will Know about the mountain range in India.      Himalayan : The Himalayan range on the coast of India is the highest the world.The Himalayas cover a length of 2500 Km in a row and cover an area of about five lakh square kilometers. Vindhyachal Range : The Vindhyachal range in central India has an average elevation of 3000 meters. Starting in Gujarat and expanding in Madhya Pradesh,this mountain range is 1030 long. Satpuda : Satpuda started from the Arabian coast of Gujarat and spread to Maharashtra. Satpuda Mountain range is 900 Km long.Its average height is 1000 meters.                                                       Arvalli : Origin of Sabarmati river arvalli is in the mountains. This mountain range of Rajasthan is 800 km long.Mount Abu is the highest peak of this mountain range with a height of 1722 meters.Aravallis are also believed to be the oldest mount